What to Wear


Styling your wardrobe is oh so important, but doesn't have to be an

overwhelming daunting task (usually that mom gets stuck with ha)! Does

your son like to wear tee shirts & hates button downs? Does your daughter

prefer jeans over dresses? That's okay! Having your family photos done

together DOES NOT mean that you have to dress alike! It is important to

showcase your individual style & personality!


Choose a complimentary color scheme & repeat it when necessary. Some of

my favorite ways to tie outfits together without being "matchy" is by using a

scarf, hat, belt, shoes or jewelry. Stay away from large text or logos they are

a distraction & can date your photo.


Matching one  another in terms of formality is also very important. You

don't want your children to be in jeans & tee shirts, while dad is dressed in

a suit & tie. If you need a wardrobe consultation I would be happy to help.

Otherwise, have FUN with it! Don't be afraid of bright colors, layers,

textures...let your style shine!